[VR #002] SunWinÐ - armoudela 14 !OUT NOW!

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Logbook entry: Earversible #30.03.2014



[VR #002] "amourdela 14" by SunWinÐ is out now!
It´s his debut release on Vitis and we´re proud to have this really nice gem in our roster now. Lay back, enjoy the day (hopefully wherever you are) and listen to our newest beauty.


[VR #002 SunWinÐ - armoudela 14] releases on 30.03.2014

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Logbook entry: Earversible #03.03.2014



We´re proud to announce our next release
(actually it´s a re-release) by SunWinÐ

It´s named "amourdela 14" and will be
out at our Bandcamp-Store on 30.03.2014

We´ll give you a sneak peek in the next days (=

In a bit,

Vitizens 2 is OUT NOW!

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Logbook entry: Earversible #12.02.2014




with "Vitizens 2" we proudly
present the second journey
through a galaxy of beastrumentals,
ambient,experimental arrangements and ideas,
from your well known gang, plus a couple
of new faces for our lovely family.

Show some love and appreciation and spread the word!

Marrak, Gluid, •zaika•, SIGH, Canooooopy,
Display Two, Earversible, Blue Sofa (Looft),
Esbe, Ulle Kamelle, SunWinÐ, Thelatedecember
& last but not least autumna


Cover by Bernadette Engel




We wish y´all much fun with it!

Vitizens 2 Releasedate

N 50°3'36.122"
E 8°4'11.392"

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Logbook entry: Earversible #09.01.2014



Heyho everybody!

We proudly announce the releasedate for
our "Vitizens 2"-Compilation.

It´s available on 12.02.2014 at our Bandcamp-Store.

•zaika•, Earversible, Canooooopy, Esbe, Ulle Kamelle, Gluid, Marrak , SIGH, autumna, Thelatedecember & Looft

Cover by -Bernadette Engel-

Thanks to y´all!

We´ve some goodies until then for sure. (:
So,stay tuned and spread the word!

Kind regards!

Happy 2014!

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Logbook entry: Earversible #01.01.2014



Happy new year everybody!

We hope y´all had a great party last night
& really quit smoking now! (:

As promised,we disclose our first goodie of 2014:

Our forthcoming "Vitizens 2" compilation.
Meet your well known gang plus a couple of new
faces for our family.Expect another nice journey through
different kind of electronic genre.

The cover is created by our kind sis´ Bernadette Engel.
Thanks for that real nice gem,madame!

We´ll keep you guys posted,once we´ve the releasedate.

Until then,we serve bits & pieces!

In a bit,

Ulle Kamelle´s Neverevermymind EP OUT NOW!

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Logbook entry: Earversible #26.12.2013




We proudly announce our next release!

[VR #001]
Ulle Kamelle - Neverevermymind (Single)

Ulle Kamelle is coming up with a stunning mix of
dusty drums, guitar bits & pieces, electronica and a
hand full of synths to push your mind out of your body.

With remixes from:


A bunch of Podcasts

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Logbook entry: Earversible #22.08.2013





a big bunch of Podcasts from your well known mates

Zaika, KollerLooft & Earversible are arrived and ready to listen´n´load.

We wish you much fun with it and some great hours.


 Krautland Funk,


Vitis Records Compilation "Vitizens #1" is out now!

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Logbook entry: Earversible #28.07.2013




we´re proudly present our first release "Vitizens #1" on Vitis Records.

We hope you enjoy the influences from all over the place.

It was a long journey until today.

Stay tuned for upcoming releases!


Krautland Radio,


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Logbook entry: Earversible #30.06.2013



we are finally landed on the blue planet.

Our flight was long and we had technical difficulties

while we passed the atmosphere,but at least, we´re home now.

We´ve brought some nice artifacts from unknown ancient places with.


First is our "Vitizens #1" Compilation Snippet.

Listen to the portfolio of planet Vitis.

Releasedate will be the 28.07.2013

Available on Bandcamp.


Krautland Funk,